Skip the daily grind of analyzing your PPC provides the peace of mind that your account is monitored 24/7 and assures that nothing slips through the cracks.

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PPC alert features

Avoid repetitive analysis tasks saving 100's of man-hours every month and saving 1000's of dollars in ad-spend

24/7 Monitoring

Hundreds of test are performed on your account daily to detect any abnormalities that you would otherwise have to manually spend hours doing.

Budget Alerts

Receive budget alerts so you can take action to correct pacing, start, or stop spend altogether. Avoid embarrassing over/under-spending.

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Performance Alerts

Know exactly what is happening in your account at any frequency you desire. Identify negative trends and save hundreds of hours searching for abnormalities.

Policy Violations Alerts

Don't miss any policy violation messages anymore. They will be sent to your email and/or as a text, so you can take immediate action.

Deep Analysis

Besides continuous monitoring, accounts are analyzed daily on multiple dimensions to identify any abnormal trends. You are immediately notified when KPIs fall out of range.


Easily integrated with almost any task management system using Zapier. You can automate all or select email alerts to create new tasks for you.

We make it easy to manage PPC

For agencies or single account owners

Comprehensive Google Ads monitoring for single or multiple accounts. add your first account in five clicks.

Receive alerts only when it matters

We run hundreds of tests on your account daily and send alerts for findings that impact your account's performance and good standing.

Realtime alerts for great decisions

Numbers talk! On average, our users are able to increase conversions by 1.75X and reduce costs by 20%.

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Account conversions
For teams

Designed for teams of all sorts and sizes

Marketing Agencies

With the ability to monitor unlimited PPC accounts, an account manager using becomes capable of handling multiple or even triple the number of accounts, enhancing performance more efficiently and effectively. Agencies simply pay a small additional fee for each additional PPC account.

In house teams

With the peace of mind that nothing is missed and everything is closely monitored, helps in-house teams stay on top of the PPC optimization process at a very low cost and with minimal effort.'s monitoring is equivalent to having a team of experts with advanced analysis tools available for marketers today.

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Running the show solo

You would absolutely love the extra time gives you, equivalent to having a team of experts with advanced analysis tools available for marketers today. Focus on what you do best while receiving alerts at the frequency you want about abnormalities and the actions to take.


Don’t take our word for it. See what our users say.

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Kenneth Ebbs

VP of Marketing at Perfomedia

"This has been a game changer for us. Given that we manage dozens of accounts, our PPC specialists save hundreds of man hours weekly -- adalert well worth the cost."

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Sherine Hallett

Head of Growth at Advantix

"adAlert gives us peace of mind, period! We had a very similar process done manually with Google scripts and Excel, and we are glad we can ditch all that and focus on other things."

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Karen Tompkins

PPC Specialists at QuePPC

"I love that I'm able to log in first thing in the morning and manage my tasks based on new alerts. The fact that I can see all of our clients in one view and visually recognize issues is absolutely amazing. A lot of heavy lifting is done for us in terms of monitoring, and this is just amazing."

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Harvey Falzon

PPC Specialists at Logix Media

"This is one of those tools that makes you wonder how no one thought of it before. I mean, we were already performing many of the tests, but not anymore since it's all automated with adAlert. Saves tons of time."


Frequently asked questions

How does work?

We send hundreds of API queries to your ads accounts daily. We search for abnormal trends, policy violations, check budget pacing, etc. and report back on any issues we find, saving you from conducting the same tests that could potentially take hours each day. We don't make any updates on your behalf, so you remain in full control. adAlert is a layer on top of Google Ads that assists you through time-saving, as if you had a team of PPC management professionals guiding you.

Is my data safe?

Your data is stored on a secure server and overwritten daily. We do not retain a copy or accumulate any account information for more than 24 hours unless it's necessary for specific tests conducted solely to detect abnormalities in your account. We do not share or sell your data whatsoever.

What is monitored and tested?

We continuously monitor your ads account(s) for budget pacing, policy violations, KPIs and more. The in-depth analysis of hundreds of KPI combinations across multiple dimensions includes: account, campaigns, ads + extensions, keywords, locations, demographics, etc. If you manage one or more accounts, it would be impossible to manually perform all the tests we do in each account daily.

Why use

PPC managers choose to use for peace of mind, knowing that their account(s) are monitored 24/7 for performance and suspicious activity, but more than anything, for time-saving! performs daily background tests conducted by top professionals in the industry to detect abnormalities at a rate faster than an entire team of marketers.

How much time will I save?

We asked over 200 PPC professionals how much of their time spent on PPC management is dedicated to analysis rather than actual changes. 46% answered 30-50%, and another 31% said 10-30%. It's safe to say that the vast majority of PPC managers spend 1/3 of their time on analysis before even making a single change in any account.

Do you modify my account?

No. only has read-only access to your account. We strongly believe that the Ads' dashboards and user interfaces are superior to any other solution that offers in pushing optimization changes. We don't intend or wish to compete with any other PPC platform. Instead, acts as a layer on top of what you are already using, helping you maximize the results for the money you invest.

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